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Do Liberal Christians Trust Jesus?

04/28/2009  |  75 Comments

Not all Christians are literalistic fundamentalists or even orthodox in their theologies. There do exist "liberal" Christians who focus on... (more...)

Separation from God (Part 2: Just kidding, it’s his fault!)

04/26/2009  |  8 Comments

It's time to get a little theological up in this piece. In Part 1 I described what it's like to... (more...)

Awesomely bad!

04/24/2009  |  11 Comments

Nothing says "Jesus loves you" like some cheesy, contemporary Christian videos marked by religious buzzwords and poor production value. [NOTE: Due... (more...)

Stone Me

04/23/2009  |  4 Comments

If I was living under Mosaic law today, here are the offenses for which I would be put to death: Cursing... (more...)