God, What a Workout!

I figured out why I gained so much weight after high school… I stopped believing in the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit! After that, worship went from being a full-contact sport to a meditative study hall. And since deconverting–shit–I must be the most out of shape I’ve ever been! I need the anointing, Lord! Whip my ass soul into shape!

For those of you who want a complete body makeover, let me introduce you to part of this intensive, free-spirited, danger-to-those-around-you workout called Pentecostalism:

YouTube Preview Image

Now get up and shake that thang for Jebus!

(via @denyreligion)

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May 29, 2009  |  Christianity, funny, randomness, videos


  1. Sheesh. Those guys have way more fun than us regular Baptists ever did.

    I’d have been thrown out of there for busting out laughing. No way I could have held it in at that white guy trying to dance at 3:10.

  2. Ahahaha, great remix, that is. 😀 If you didn't tell us who those "dancers" are, I would say they're possessed. :)

  3. My wife is actually puzzled. Nobody knew this, however the support is hard to reach.

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