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I’m a Freshman

06/29/2009  |  19 Comments

When you reach eighth grade, you're at the top of your game: You have an amusing case of senioritis that... (more...)

Militant Atheism

06/28/2009  |  24 Comments

According to the common usage of this phrase, I am a "Militant Atheist". Here's why: I speak out publicly about my... (more...)

Take Action: In God We Trust

06/25/2009  |  2 Comments

From The Secular Coalition of America: Before the August recess, a resolution will be voted on by the House of Representatives... (more...)

How Can an Atheist Make a Difference?

How Can an Atheist Make a Difference?

06/23/2009  |  42 Comments

This twitter conversation is currently in process: Me: I think it will take at least 2 generations more to get some... (more...)