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A variety of random junk that will somehow make your life better lies below! A Different Kind of News Happy News! GoodNewsNetwork Keeping it positive. I recommend getting the RSS feed to look through when you want a break from the sucky and depressing junk on Faux Noise and MSNBSeeyalater. Read more…

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I’ve made a few small changes to the site template, and one is to correct a few RSS feed urls. Now that all is right in the world, make sure you’re subscribed to the correct one! There are now two ways to follow updates on godlessgirl.com: RSS and Email! Click Read more…


God + torture = love?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="405" caption="Photo © Jim Kuhn "]Photo © Jim Kuhn [/caption] I suppose I'm a bit of an atheist cliché. I have expressed on numerous occasions my distaste for the Judeo-Christian god as depicted in the Bible. (check out why God's justice is anti-American and God is immoral). But if we don't speak up about the inconsistencies we observe, they might go un-recognized by those who seek the truth. So in the name of critical thinking, I'll continue to challenge the Get Out of Jail Free card often handed to God even when our own reasoning indicates he's in violation of the most basic standards of morality. So, what about torture? This topic has been the focus of a steady buzz in past months, but only recently have I had much personal interaction with the topic. (more…)