Perhaps at the same time.

While browsing for tips on how to sleep in the heat I scrolled through their list of Requested Articles. A member submits a question to the universe, and someone smart (or cocky) comes along and answers it in a How-To style article. These tutorials vary from practical requests like “How to wash overalls in the washing machine” to gems such as “How to help your mom get rid of her boyfriend” and “How to know you smell when you can’t smell yourself”.

For the sake of all things educational, please go check it out and answer some of these questions if you have the expertise. Especially the bit about the boyfriend. That could get messy.

In fact, here are a few of my personal favorites that caught my godless eye:

How to be a liberal in a conservative church

How to regain your faith in Christ

Help these poor folks, heathens! What would you tell them?

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