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A Different Kind of News

Happy News!
Keeping it positive. I recommend getting the RSS feed to look through when you want a break from the sucky and depressing junk on Faux Noise and MSNBSeeyalater.

You Didn’t Know You Needed it… Until Now
Mezzoman.com: Meeting someone? Want to find a place in the middle? Check out this creative use of the Google Maps API.
Atlas Obscura: A guide to unique, fascinating, and wonderful locations to visit
GetHuman.com: Calling a support line and want to skip that frustrating automated system? Speak to a human using these short cuts.

Need a place to perform baby-eating atheist rituals? There’s an App for That
I like to make shadow puppets out of used toilet paper rolls …and I’m a PC

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3 thoughts on “Rad Link Roundup”

Jin-oh Choi · July 27, 2009 at 11:21 am

"Faux Noise and MSNBSeeyalater." made me laugh. lol

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