8 Funny IRC Quotes About Christianity

IRC is packed full of perfect examples of human intelligence, wit, and ridiculosity (yes, that's a word now). Check out these golden quotes!

Nick A dot: so you dont believe in aliens? xxh0tsumm3rfunxx: no Nick A dot: so you believe that in this whole unfathamably huge universe, we're the ONLY life? xxh0tsumm3rfunxx: yep, thats the way God made it xxh0tsumm3rfunxx: and theyre not mentioned in the bible so they obviously dont exist Nick A dot: i see... do you believe in dinosaurs? xxh0tsumm3rfunxx: well yeah of course, weve found their remains! Nick A dot: yeah, but THEYRE not mentioned in the bible xXH0tsuMm3RfUnXx is offline
HellPopeHuey: So, didja get some real work? Epoch: yeah, today I cleaned viruses off a pc at a baptist church... viruses obtained by SURFING PR0N HellPopeHuey: Jesus saves... your History
<Ender_CN> I read the bible, as soon as I found out god was jesus' father I knew it was just a cheap star wars rip off so I stopped