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Why I Am Not An Authority, Just a Woman

01/31/2010  |  5 Comments

I am not a scientist. I am not a scholar. I have never been a theologian, pastor, nor an apologist... except from... (more...)

GG Talks to Jesus

01/31/2010  |  4 Comments

So late last night as I was avoiding sleep, I decided to have a little talk with Jeeeeezus! I'll let you... (more...)

Facebook Fundies: Gettin’ Crunk with Jesus!

01/26/2010  |  5 Comments

And for those who preach against alcohol but want all the perks of a goofy buzz: Bonus from Lamebook:

Am I An Angry Atheist?

Am I An Angry Atheist?

01/24/2010  |  55 Comments

Because my dear mother is worried. She came to me tonight expressing a desire to talk about "the elephant in... (more...)