GG Talks to Jesus

So late last night as I was avoiding sleep, I decided to have a little talk with Jeeeeezus!

Hey Jesus, I hope you enjoyed your short stay in hell. I'm sure those who burn eternally will appreciate the gracious, leisurely visit.

-@godlessgirl (GG), 31-1-2010 10:51:25

Hey Jesus, think you could have been someone else besides a rabbi who teaches in riddles? What do u want to do, weed out the dumb ones?

-@godlessgirl (GG), 31-1-2010 10:52:46

Hey Jesus, If you are bodily up in heaven right now, then heaven has to be within the physical universe, right? So how far is it from here?

-@godlessgirl (GG), 31-1-2010 10:55:09

Hey Jesus, if we're not 'sposed to put God to the test, he could at least return the favor.

-@godlessgirl (GG), 31-1-2010 10:57:19

Hey Jesus, you can tell me the truth--you think the apostle Paul is a douche too, right? right? *nudge*

-@godlessgirl (GG), 31-1-2010 10:59:04

I’ll let you know if I get a reply. What would you ask Jesus?

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January 31, 2010  |  funny, god, Jesus, questions, quotes, randomness, the bible, twitter


  1. Yo. Jesus. What’s the deal with dinosaurs? How come your daddy hates them so much he killed all of them before we got a chance to have velociraptors for pets?

  2. Hey Jesus, do you think you need a lawyer since you are losing out on a lot of money? Merchandise with your name on it seems to be hot selling items.
    .-= Mike Brownstein’s last blog ..Politics and Pucks Joins the Atheist Blogroll =-.

  3. GG,

    I have read a lot of you’re blog, usually I agree with the frustration you express against christians who seem to be fools with an ugly pride and self-righteousness. I have seen that for years as I have grown up in a christian home and lost much respect for the church, however I have deeply begun to understand my God and I do not write this to argue against atheism, there is little I can say to assert the truth as I see it. I must say that I am frustrated and feel that there is little cause to go so blatantly against things I know to be true. I will not complain when you call out those christians who show so poorly the life of Christ, but I cannot see the cause for the ridicule. I’m sorry if this is harsh, I’m sorry if it will not feel loving, that is not my pursuit. Thank you for reading.

    Grace and Peace,
    .-= Caleb’s last blog ..ODW – One Days Wages =-.

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