Pat Robertson and Haiti’s “Deal with the Devil”

I like how Pat knows the “devil” so well that he knows what was said in this “deal”.

There is no hell, so I can’t tell this crazy man to go there and hide in a lonely corner to fuck himself with hot pokers. Robertson, you’ve lost your marbles and we all know it. Go take your sorry hatred, ignorance, and lies into a long period of retirement. Don’t ever speak again, because you’ve shamed yourself and your “soul” too many times. In the name of the dead and suffering in Haiti, you don’t deserve the voice you have.


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January 14, 2010  |  Christianity, news, quotes, videos


  1. I did a post on this as well. I really hope this story spreads and more people see him for the dangerous charlatan he is.
    .-= God is Pretend’s last blog ..Pat Robertson is a Nutter =-.

  2. Man I hope this guy is gonna go ahead and die soon. He’s so damn old. Why can’t he just slip and bonk his head on one of those golden toilets in his mansion?
    .-= Unikraken’s last blog ..Atheism-themed wallpapers and stuff. =-.

  3. This guy is so disgusting. He’s even more evil than the fictitious devil that he believes in.

  4. I knew it was just a matter of time before some Christian said this, but I wasn’t sure who it would be. It makes me sick how they have to insert this god crap into absolutely everything. With everything Haiti is going through right now, this is the last thing they need.

  5. Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable. I disagree with vjack, who says it was only a matter of time. Let’s talk about why this happened:

    Racism & stereotyping. Haitians, to Pat Robertson, are certainly no more than a bunch of vodou-loving ignorant blacks. Of course they couldn’t have defeated a (white) European power without the help of Satan. 1+1=hate, right?

    Fucking Pat Robertson. I wish he was a joke, but it’s too sad and pathetic to be anything but true.
    .-= Veritas’s last blog ..On SSM in New Jersey =-.

    • I can’t wait until this “old guard” style of Christianity is flushed out. I know a lot of younger people are ignorant and bigoted, but the numbers are decreasing.

  6. I think it’s dumb for anyone to believe Robertson said that shit because he is a christian. He said it because he is an ignorant fool. Who is probably a racist too. Period!

    • I think that’s why many Christians are racing around right now saying, “He’s not one of us!”

      • Exactly. He undermines the tremendous effort and sacrifice millions of Christians are making to help the people of Haiti. Instead of discussing Christian mission work, donations, and creative aid that’s currently going on, we are left discussing this asshole.

        Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone’s even discussing his words. They are irrlevant.

  7. I got a kick out of this piece.

  8. Even Jesus would never forgive what he says.

  9. He should be taken off air what a snake!
    what he doesnt say is his deal with the devil was for money and power and to hide behind a religion that believes opposite of what he preaches. Him and rush limbaugh should be horsewhipped.
    dumb white supremist

  10. Wow…wow. They made a deal with the devil? Because they didn’t want to be slaves any more? Really? How dare satan worshipping niggers be allowed to have freedom. The fact that this man is allowed to speak is not the problem. The fact that people listen to and agree with him is. At least if he’s right about there being a god he’ll eventually be in his own hell.

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