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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

02/23/2010  |  4 Comments

Quick video catch of the day for your enjoyment!

Lesbian and Gay Strangers Get a Marriage License

02/15/2010  |  10 Comments

New York residents Kitty Lambert and her partner Cheryl wanted to get married, so they went to the Clerk's office... (more...)

An Atheist’s Letter to God

02/12/2010  |  4 Comments

Please note: this youtube user has deleted her channel, but the thoughts below still apply. One of my favorite youtubers, Lovingdoubt,... (more...)

Something Out of Nothing?

Something Out of Nothing?

02/08/2010  |  12 Comments

I need some clarification. My understanding is fuzzy on a point of philosophy and science. Apologist Ray Comfort asks "How do... (more...)