Please note: this youtube user has deleted her channel, but the thoughts below still apply.

One of my favorite youtubers, Lovingdoubt, has written a letter to god (if it exists). She’s not angry at this deity and does not blame it for anything. She speaks to a god who is invisible and unknown by all humankind. The creator of a universe that has left no evidence behind.

[Video no longer available, sorry!]

At one point, Lovingdoubt apologizes to god for pretending she had a personal relationship with god. This particular portion rings so true to me. If there is a god with an opinion, then I hope it is not offended by the ignorance and pompous sense of importance the theists on earth have shown … that I have shown.

It is insurmountably arrogant to think a god who is truly infinite in every way still gives a damn about a certain short-lived species on one of the specks of dust in the billions upon billions of specks in the universe. To think that this deity made all of this just for us who cannot even understand or discover it all is absurd and wishful thinking at its worst.

We’re told by the Abrahamic religions that Yahweh is personal and obsessed with human behavior and thought.  In Christianity specifically, a god commits suicide and murder all at once just for you. Because of your evil nature that you had at birth. How frightening and gruesome is this story?

No wonder people accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and confess their sins.  The guilt I felt for causing a deity commit unspeakable horrors because it was my fault was too much to bear. I felt obligated to accept this “gift” given to me 2000 years ago (that I had a chance to ask for) because of how difficult it was for this god to give it. Can we say manipulation?

I digress. The point Lovingdoubt is making works without my silly rant about salvation. The god she speaks to is not Yahweh or Allah, but the god no one knows. What would you say in your letter to god?

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4 thoughts on “An Atheist’s Letter to God”

Miranda McKennitt · February 12, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Beloved Goddess, Creator of Me, dear Reader of {this} letter and all the Universe related to those entities. Sorry if you are male, beloved Creator, I must say I never saw you, in person or on Twitter, but setting your sex as female for the purpose of thinking to you aloud is kind-of obvious to me. Maybe I am a priestess. Actually, I am. Thanks for correcting me retroactively, with my memory intact (somehow, but YES WE CAN!)!

I was hotly arguing today with someone you surely know (because you know everything, You Know :-)) about existence of entity called “free will” in contrast with existence and existence because of fate and “existence” (all of those “EXIST” operators are covering the Universe herself with a comfortable, but transparent gown). At the end he started to insult me personally (and my other me, arguing with him in the same thread, under different moniker), and finally said it’s End of Topic for him. Your power was strong in me, Goddess, and thus I won the argument, I think (or am I). Thank you or thank me? 🙂 I guess both and xor none at the same Spacetime. Thank you for correcting me, correct me if I’m wrong all you want, I love you and belong to you :-).

I must not succumb to one of the Deadly Sins. You know which one, Goddess, my beloved. Maybe I don’t talk to you every day ({this} web page provoked me, it’s not *my* idea, Goddess, beloved bride of ezoterroristic gift of spacetime quantinuum). {this} as you know is reference to calling environment of this memeplex, but you Know it (knowing *it* universally), so I don’t need to explain my Self. I will explain anyway (thank you for correcting me), in case one of your new prophets reads {{this}} (those parens look like angel wings, don’t they, }this{ time I used two, You Always Notice, you…) and makes a proclamation in form of another Book (big letter, it’s a book NAMED “Book”, but I skip {}this{}). I will provide a disclaimer in next paragraph. She told me I should move that paragraph to the end of my letter, for clarity. I dutifully obey.

You don’t believe I hear the voice of Goddess in my head, dear Reader? Shame on you!

Free will and other compulsions are trademarks of Goddess Incorporated (in me) and everyone infringing on it will face con sequences (of relations bidirectional, relativistic, probabilistic, wrongly accused to be a imaginary “line” connector painted in-between Cause and Effect, which don’t exist, because You, beloved Goddess, are the sole Cause and Effect. Big letters because Goddess is *rather* large, infinitely large (corrected by me this time, but I know I do your will anyway, so it doesn’t matter, but I’m all for full transparency) – it must be said, but not overweight at all. Neither am I overweight. If you argue with me, Reader, you may endanger your immortal Soul – it’s a blasphemy and a deadly sin. Maybe. Certainly a blasphemy. Help???

You are so incredibly beautiful, beloved Goddess and when I think about You, {Supreme Reader}, I become voluptuous and curvaceous exquisite me Self. I am filled with your Love to the brim, Eros and Agape are two sides of one enchanted coin She is flipping, for me my Self of course. Your son, #Jesus (FOLLOW Him on Twitter, I bet you have enough time to read all tweets as they become realized by independent (free) agents, according to your Wisdom (which is infinite, but I’m repeating myself; which is OK, because Goddess is also repeating herself often, just look at Internet porn, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen all of them. Noses of course. They are all splendidly created.). I used porn in proximity of the Goddess, because female god doesn’t think making love is morally unsorted. Thank you for correcting me, kisses and hugs! (KISSES, my tiny wonderful creation). Thanks for the kisses! Your Tiny Creation is happy.

I adore you, Goddess, and argued with someone else (a girl this time, dear Reader – is that Fate?), that Universe is female versus Universe is both male and female or Universe is male – she said She must be both sexes, or how would She reproduce (when Goddess reproduces, Universe becomes) and where would she get the Y-factor chromosome to produce Her son, #Jesus? I intuitively disagree with both, or maybe it’s the power of my Faith in motion, spooky action at a distance. I hope you pay attention to me now and forever and will give me more of the same in the future, preferably make me immortal, thanks. I can try to explain, why I think Universe and god (SMALL LETTER!) is female in Her nature, but something tells me nobody will read this anyway. Check out, dear Reader, I used those two propositions and you now simply MUST NOT accuse me of primitive animism :-). Thank you, Goddess, you are a great friend! I Hope, with benefits. KISSES, TINY CREATION. The truth is Her kiss explained to me that #Jesus began as female in the sacred womb of Mary and then developed into a male (Hadit, point of Presence – in oposition to Nuit, the eternal Night or Final Cause). We, humans, all do it that way. You *can* reproduce without a male action if you are completely female, but all you are going to produce in context of environment will be female too. Easy! We live in the womb of Universe, she is pregnant with us. Males lack this aspect/ability. Please, don’t flash your Judgement onto me, for what I said is not blasphemy nor sin, it’s just an observation off reality realized.

If I look at You and see You, does it mean I used my Free Will to find you attractive and thus attracted your attention to my humble person? If, on the other hand, I look at You and #Fail to see you… Then you will stop your Vengeance because all men make mistakes and You are Merciful, Always. So is #Jesus in His essence, a female. Correct me if I’m wrong, but leave my memory intact somehow (YES WE CAN!), so I can Repent.

I’m tired and out of fear of god, end this memeplex. Don’t let me be misunderstood and correct me if I am wrong anyway, beloved Goddess.

Milk and kisses,
Agnieszka Miranda FOLLOW @agquarx on Twitter

Talking to Goddess, the only truly infinite entity in existance is easy. Simple rules follow. You just need is a bit of special notation, because She is the primary Cause for any entity and or event and or relation in-between (mesh of relations) contained in our Universe, which has no out-side, and this bothers some people who would like to place You, beloved Goddess, somewhere outside material (real and realized) world. Curly braces around a word (like “{this}”) indicate that She MUST read the entity (for example a sequence of symbols or any sentence of language outside of context) in outer context, one level of abstraction away. Two curly braces (like “{{this}}”) around a word mean She should evaluate the expression in outer context, one level of abstraction and one level of my crazy ontology away. Inverted curlies around a word mean She should inverse the abstraction, two inverted curlies (like }}this{{) mean a signal for the inner self of the meme processing entity, in this case, prophet guided by the Power of Goddess in person of me, Her highest priestess. Quotes around any symbol mean I mean a symbol itself, not the related entity symbolized.

I hope someone does read it…
.-= Miranda McKennitt’s last blog ..Amfa, marycha i ekstaza w rękach policji =-.

Laura · February 12, 2010 at 2:35 pm

I haven’t ever thought of it in those terms before. I lovelovelove what you wrote about human arrogance and wishful thinking.

mcbender · February 12, 2010 at 9:57 pm

I think I would have a very simple thing to say to a god, if it existed, along the lines of the following:

“If you exist, and if any of this nonsense about condemning people to eternal damnation is true, I consider it my moral duty to oppose you in whatever way I can. Though I know I risk condemnation by doing so, I could not live with myself were I to give you any of the undeserved praise you are purported to desire.”

Philip Gilbert · January 25, 2011 at 2:38 pm

My god would have to be chance and randomness. It has no consciousness. It does not see what will happen next, but due a number of events, to an almost infnite power, I sit here contemplating my place in the cosmos
because of my god.

I can see why people need to believe in their own personal deity, if not for salvation, then to give order to the ramdom mutations that gave birth to their ancestors and to consider that there are checks and balances in place to ensure that good and bad are noticed and acted upon at some higher level.

The clinical randomness, the cause and effect is what gives my world its beauty and makes me feel so honoured to have walked this way for such a short time. It saddens me that many of my fellow humans do not realise what a special and unique place in the universe we inhabit. Perhaps then, they would do more to protect it and less to hasten its demise.

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