Baby Worshiping in the Holy Spirit?

Here we have yet another example of how religion shapes children at impressionable ages.

“What do we do at church, honey? We sway, close our eyes, and lift a hand when music plays.”

(via christiannightmares)

This kid will fit in nicely at a Jesus Camp one day:

Sigh. I guess it’s time for me to quote Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion again:

Let children learn about different faiths, let them notice their incompatibility, and let them draw their own conclusions about the consequences of that incompatibility. As for whether they are ‘valid,’ let them make up their own minds when they are old enough to do so.

Faith can be very very dangerous, and deliberately to implant it into the vulnerable mind of an innocent child is a grievous wrong.

I’ve also addressed child preachers, hysteria in worship, and shown some amusing (or perhaps disturbing) examples of life “in the spirit.” Enjoy!

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October 26, 2010  |  Christianity, religion, videos


  1. I don’t think religious indoctrination of children is ever a good idea. For one, it’s tantamount to brainwashing, and depending on the content of the indoctrination, it can be traumatizing as well. Second, young children simply can’t grasp abstract religious concepts, so indoctrination results in memorization without understanding. In my opinion, religious education should begin (with THEIR CONSENT) at an age when they can understand complex ideas.

  2. I don’t disagree with Dawkins (at least not this time) but the imitative behavior of that baby is a far cry from the insanity of Jesus Camp. No worse and just as cute as the other babies on YouTube dancing to Shakira.

    • Those kids at Jesus Camp learned their hand-raising, tongue-speaking ways from adults and from the church where they were raised. Just like the baby. I just think one shows a more complex result than the other.

  3. From a YouTube commenter: “How the hell is this child abuse? How is it brainwashing? This baby is too young to even know what the lyrics mean.”

    Can humanity go extinct now plz?

  4. The religion in that Jesus Camp video has always freaked me out, even when I was a Christian.

  5. Wow.. I dunno whether to laugh or cry.. I guess I’ll laugh. Is it me or does that baby NOT look like a baby also?

  6. Funny you should post this: I JUST watched “Jesus Camp”. Scary stuff.

    I once argued that (not to be legally implemented, but as a socially acceptable parenting style) children should not be allowed to join churches until they’ve become adults and have been educated about all sorts of different faiths and non-faiths. You’d think you’d prefer to have followers who fully understand what they’re getting into rather than have people blindly label themselves without truly understanding their faith.

  7. That first video… is hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. I recognized not only the swaying and hand movements, but the facial expressions. The furrowed brow, the vacant look, the occasional glance at a neighbor to see what emotion they’re showing… They are only too familiar. That’s unreal. That baby has them down perfectly.

    Hilarious and also frightening.

  8. Even watching that 10 minutes of Jesus Camp is hard to get through. I tried watching the entire documentary at college once and just couldn’t. It makes me so sad to see adults doing that to children. And the emphasis on there being a “war” between them versus everyone else just makes me sick.

    And I saw that baby on the Daily What as the OMG Adorbz of the Day and didn’t think it was cute at all. :\ But I am also immune to baby cuteness so my opinion may not matter much there.

  9. That’sthe scariest video ever.
    The baby is probably near two years old (some two years old toddlers have very few hair) and he is doing nothing that I baby would not do, he is imitating, he even do lapses to check what their family (probably) is doing.
    I don’t want to know how the family incouraged him to do that. That family must be scary.

  10. They could TRY putting Harry Potter to death, had he existed in olden days. Like they could ever really CATCH him. Other than that moment of vague hilarity, I was deeply disturbed by all the “praying in tongues” and the angry rants. Anger and loathing isn’t what we should be teaching kids.


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