Christian Kitschmas!

Christians have put the “kitsch” back in Christmas!

CHRIST-mas Tree
Do you think that actually trademarked the product tagline? Oh who cares. Isn’t this fantastic? A brightly lit cross in the middle of a fake red, white, and blue tree! I’m almost in tears from delight. What a genius idea. Here’s what the shop says about this amazing product of patriotism:

LIMITED SUPPLY – Order your CHRIST-mas Tree today! Beautiful Christmas tree that we are sure all patriots will love! Celebrate Christmas American style by showing that Americans do love Jesus and YES, we are a Christian nation! It’s not just a tree, it’s a movement! Display inside OR outside of the home all year long for all to see as a symbol and reminder of our Christian Nation heritage!

Nothing says “Americans love Jesus” like a plastic tree movement! If you are so inclined, you can buy it here.

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  1. Amazing. They’re marketing a plastic tree to conservative Christians. And you know that some people are bound to buy it!

    This is almost as brazen as the Tea Party cigars I saw while walking past a tobacco shop. There’s no demographic that merchants won’t market to!

  2. As stupid as that tree may be, it scares the hell out of me. Whenever people put the flag with a cross, I become worried about the fate of America and saddened that there are people who actually believe that the US is a Christian nation…

  3. The christmas tree is a pagan tradition adopted by christians wanting to persuade the heathens. Enjoy your imaginary friend!

    • I love how Christians try to pass Christmas as a biblical holiday when all its origins and traditions are pagan. The same goes for Halloween. I’m not an atheist, I’m actually a Christian who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. When I tell people they think I’m crazy.

      • But don’t you think that, while Jesus probably wasn’t born on December 25th, he was born, so his birth should be celebrated? I recognise that Christmas has pagan roots, but it’s still an opportunity the celebrate the birth of Christ, whether it happened in December or May.

        • No, because birthdays also have their origins in pagan traditions. The historical record shows that Early Christians did not celebrate birthdays or Christmas; they were integrated to increase conversion. They became traditions blindly followed.

          • We’re not celebrating his birthday but his birth. There’s a difference. We’re not celebrating how old He is, but the very fact He was born at all – we’re celebrating the moment that God became incarnate, the moment that God came to be with us on Earth in the flesh. Jesus was (and is) God’s most wonderful gift to mankind, and Christmas is a great opportunity to come together and remember that, just as Easter is an opportunity to remember the subsequent sacrifice He made for us. Jesus’ birth was a massive deal, and it’s not something that can go by unmarked!

          • It would be nice if Christians “celebrate” Jesus by acting and doing what Jesus asked them to do and by not being a bunch of hypocrites. How many churches let their leaders cheat on their wives, molest children, steal money from their members, get drunk, smoke, are racists, hate their neighbors…I can go on and on!! The celebration means nothing if these so called Christians put his name through the mud by not living the way they should, which is why so many people are disappointed in religion. People just see Christmas as a means to have a party and get presents. I hear my Christian co-workers complain on how they are getting into debt just to buy gifts. And why would Christ want his name associated with PAGAN traditions? Where did he encourage his followers to celebrate his birth? I applaud PJ! for not getting involved!

  4. that is the tackiest thing I have ever seen, ever.

  5. Wow, the jokes write themselves on this one! Ha! These make me want to run out and worship Jesus! Right now!

  6. Christmas seems to be the time for all of this horrendously tacky merchandise to show up… what bothers me is the forward creep every year. I think I saw a few Christmas displays in shops prior to Halloween this year, and it just keeps showing up earlier and earlier. I’m afraid we’ll eventually end up with year-round Christmas season.

    I grew up Jewish in a very Christian area, so I don’t even have pleasant childhood associations with any of it. All of the Christmas imagery seems even tackier to me, I think in part because it activates mental associations with ostracism and being told I had killed some guy named Jesus I’d never heard of.

    This Christmas + American patriotism agglomeration seems even worse to me, because it’s tapping into that tendency many American Christians have to incorrectly assert that we’re a “Christian nation” and have no basis for separation of church and State. I am so sick of that rhetoric…

    • That’s one fugly tree. I don’t care what it stands for. Thanks for sharing that gem with us, GG. Are you a colored flashing lights or a solid one color theme or an all-white lights kinda girl when you decorate your place with cheer?

  7. You can sum it up in one word: “KACHING! $.$”

  8. So, where is this FUGLY thing made? I’m guessing China, like so much of the other kitsch people use to “adorn” their homes. “How patriotic!”

  9. Amazing! Obviously the War On Christmas In America trumps the War On Humans In Far-Off Countries.

  10. Everyone should get one. The company will bill the tree to Medicare!

  11. It is a tea-party tree.

    Support keeping the U.S.A. free of government intrusion. And you can bill this tree to Medicare!

  12. I’m pretty sure this tree represents just about everything I find annoying about people.


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