Survey: What’s Your Hot Button Issue?

Protest sign from the Rally to Restore Sanity

photo by Russell Harrison

What gets you riled up? Which topics of conversation, political positions, controversial ideas, social causes, (and I could go on) excite you? For a lot of us, atheism’s place in a  religious society is one of our top issues to explore and debate. What other interests or causes makes you want to shout from the rooftops or throttle those who just don’t get it?


Hunger, poverty, homelessness, fair trade, sex trafficking, child labor, LGBT rights, taxes and government spending, corporations, ethical food industry, gun rights/control, media bias/monopoly, sex education, net neutrality, disease awareness and research , disabilities, health care, religious persecution, alternative energy, pacifism, circumcision and genital mutilation, education reform, child abuse, rape and molestation, and on and on!

Pick some favorites and let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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December 6, 2010  |  questions, religion, society, surveys and lists


  1. Michael Archambault

    Gay Rights and The Separation of Church and State.

    Don’t start with me 😉

  2. My big one is ignorance and education. It’s my opinion that creating a well-educated, critical-thinking society would make -enormous- strides in a number of areas.

    How can one still be religious, knowing and understanding all the evidence stacked against the various religions, and spirituality in general? My view on this one is admittedly biased, but personally I still can’t understand how anyone can comprehend basic science and remain religious.

    How can one hate black people if one understands the genetics involved in so-called racial differences?

    How can one hate homosexuality if one is aware that it doesn’t ‘spread disease’, that they’re not all child molesters, and has no religious-based fear or guilt on the topic of sexuality?

    Don’t even get me started on the anti-vaccine crowd.

    So, briefly then, my hot buttons include ignorance (particularly willful), religion, homophobia, racism, and misogyny. There are many more, I’m sure, but those are the ones that spring to the top of my mind that make me fume every time I see them.

  3. I’m active in many areas but the biggest pet peeve issues of mine gotta be euthanasia and eugenics. I’m a proponent of both and quite frankly sick and tired of the other side using only religious “rules” and emotional blackmail – because it’s all they’ve got! Most rants on my DA page have to do with this. Why is this my pet topic? Well, I’ve always been interested in death, hated being sick, and could spot a glaring contradiction even as a kid.


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