11 Atheist & Skeptical Youtube Channels You Need to Watch

A not-so-long time ago in a place not-so-far away from here, I was digging into my Bible with ferocity in hopes to dissuade my insidious doubts about the faith to which I had dedicated my life. At the time, I only had believers around me to help me think through my concerns, but that just wasn’t enough. I also wanted to hear other perspectives and open myself up to the (frightening) possibility that I’d been mistaken all my life. Not knowing anyone helpful in this regard, I turned to the internet and its gigantic population.

Until I started this search for truth, I  never truly appreciated Youtube as a meeting place for ideas, learning and debate. It may have the least mature comments sections on the internet, but much of the content I found was just what I needed to start my brain churning.

There are so many amazing atheists and skeptics on youtube that this list seems almost trivial. I haven’t even named the great scientists and learning channels I’ve found (perhaps that will come at a later date). Even so, I want you to enjoy these users and let them know if you appreciate the hard work they’ve put into their videos. Perhaps one of you also wants that little push to question and examine your beliefs. This list is a good place to start!

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In no particular order:


Video example: “Critical Thinking”

* * *


Video example: “What Would Jesus NOT Do?”

Check out NonStampCollector on twitter.

* * *

Skeptoid Media, Inc. / Brian Dunning

Video example: “inFact: Ghost Hunting”

Check out the Skeptoid podcast.

* * *

Paul’s Ego

Video example: “A LOLgical Burden.”

* * *


(whom I recently featured in my post on God’s justice)

Video example: “Can you be too liberal to be a Christian?”

* * *

The Atheist Experience Fan Channel

(which features Matt Dillahunty whom I also featured in my post on God’s justice)

Video example: “How do you know God isn’t real? – The Atheist Experience #654”

Check out the official website for the weekly television show.

* * *


Video example: “Anything is possible”

* * *

The Thinking Atheist

Video example: “How to beat your slave”

Check out the Thinking Atheist website and podcast.

* * *


[Edited to add:] Lovingdoubt has recently made her videos private, but I’m keeping her on this list because she is one of the most genuine, well-spoken atheist women on youtube. I hope she will make her videos public again soon.

Video example: “Searching for Answers” [Mirror posted by QuestionsRtheAnswer]

Check out Lovingdoubt on twitter.

* * *

An Honest Search for the Truth / holyinsecure

Video example: “Part 1: Slavery”

* * *

A. Hughman

Video example: “A Straw Man’s Guide to Christianity”

Check out A. Hughman’s blog.

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