I Just Wanna Be a Sheep

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Isn’t this cute? Kids just want to be sheep instead of, you know, humans that think for themselves 😉

I learned this song in Sunday School back in the day. Sure, Jesus was the “shepherd” and I, as a sheep, would follow him gladly… but who wants to be likened to a herd of rather stupid animals that follow blindly where they are lead? Poor sheep…

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June 12, 2011  |  Christianity, videos


  1. But surely everybody wants to be a cat?

  2. Curious, that burst of flame that transforms the kid puppet into a sheep puppet. Fire doesn’t come from nowhere. Someone has to start a fire. Now, who could it be? Could it be…SATAN?!

  3. Me, I always wanted to be a skunk.
    They’re cute inoffensive little vegetarians, but nobody fucks with them.

  4. I remember lots of sermons reveling in how stupid sheep are, and how apt it is that Jesus refers to his followers as sheep.


  5. nice mullet

  6. Interestingly going through this article we like this because it’s reality so its great seeing an author that’s writing snippets on this topic for all
    to see

  7. Actually, Jesus liked people who could think for themselves and open their minds to possibilities, as opposed to the blind who merely follow the blind over a cliff, without thinking, without reasoning. The sheep metaphor is one facet of a great life characterized by doing good on faith, not knowing what difficulties it may lead to, but sustained by a basic trust in God.

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