Vertical Smiles and Stereotypes

Hello from vagina land!
Summer’s Eve is trying to make your vagina cool with a new “hip” branding campaign called “Hail to the V.” But is it funky and new or sexist and racist? They’ve got a video for “white,” “black,” and “hispanic” ladies. Yeah, thanks for boxing us all up into nice little packages, Summer’s Eve.

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Wow. I just saw a pubic fro and a “sassy” black hand telling me about clubbing cleanliness. This is so appreciated.

Quick thoughts from my romp around their ads and site:

“If you treat a V right, she’ll return the favor…” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge! How sexual is that?! Ugh.

A vagina owner’s manual? Because … of course. It even teaches you to wipe front to back!

“Vertical smile.” No, really. They said it.

What do you think of this campaign? Does it “empower” women by helping them accept their vaginas? Or by selling a cleansing cloth and wash that are supposed to keep things fresh and “smelling nice” does it actually keep us from embracing the natural bits we were born with? Why are we considered “dirty”?And what about those racial and feminine stereotypes? What are women supposed to act like? Is this just insulting?

Edited to add: Oh my goodness, I just found Stephen Colbert’s take on the commercials. Priceless!

Edited to add (Nov 08, 2011): Apparently Summers Eve can’t take the heat (or the joke) and removed these ridiculous ads from their marketing strategy (and their youtube channel). Good riddance!


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July 26, 2011  |  randomness, society, videos


  1. Yeah. Just saw this on I Blame The Patriarchy as well. (

    Sick. In pretty much every way.

  2. Actually most of the shit that Summer’s Eve seems to sell (or at least advertise) is terrible for you. To be quite frank, vaginas clean themselves, and adding other shit in there can change the acidity and make you more prone to stuff like yeast infections. Basically, if you don’t already have some sort of problem, you shouldn’t be using something like this, and if you DO have a problem, you should SEE A DOCTOR. So… yeah, this whole thing is a terrible campaign (also check the one about how vaginas are the most powerful thing on earth because every guy wants to fuck one: but I disapprove of the product even more than the ad campaign.

    tl;dr: It’s not just insulting; it’s harmful.

  3. I think you would make a great cowgirl at the Rubber Rose Ranch.

    (I liked the character Jellybean so much that I named a cat after her).

  4. I actually enjoy the Summer’s Eve ads. The latest that shows men fighting wars because of the big V actually has some truth to it.

    But I understand that douching (if this is what the product is) is very, very undesirable.

  5. I think they’re trying to make women feel confident but the ads were probably written by a bunch of male ad execs who don’t know anything about vags. Colbert= hilarious. I hadn’t even seen the ads before I saw them in his show.

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