The “Spiritual” Thrill of Science and Reason

While watching the Symphony of Science video series,  I feel the same inner physical thrill I used to experience when attending prayer meetings and discussing spiritual and theological topics with friends. What these scientists say is true: What is real and knowable is fascinating, arresting, and remarkable. We need not dream up anything else.

To devote our lives to understand this universe using science and reason is a profoundly high calling.

Make sure to view the rest of these wonderful videos here.

Bonus Quote:

‎”Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” – Carl Sagan

Do you agree?


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  1. Realising that I was an atheist was one of the most liberating experiences of my life – I say “realise” because for about a decade after graduating as a minister (though never ever taking up a post) I bashed my head against a wall trying to make myself belief more fully or properly, but to misquote C.S. Lewis “I gave in, and admitted that God was not”.

  2. There is something absolutely simian lighting up my limbic system (in a good way) when I learn something new.

  3. “These beings with soaring imagination eventually flung themselves and their machines into interplanetary space.” That line from the Children of Africa vid gives me chills every time.

  4. Always enjoy science, it is what makes it easier for me to talk to atheists compared to other religious groups.
    With science you can lay out the terms like.
    Observable. Demonstrable. Testable.
    Your claims here.
    My claims here.
    Let us compare.

    Your claim X Y Z.
    The universe came out of nothing.
    Not observable.
    Can you demonstrate it? No? OK.
    Testable? Well, it was a 20 Billion Years ago and we cannot demonstrate it.

    So what do we have?
    Computer generated animations…

    My claims are that I hold these things by belief, I won’t use the term science to trick you. But that does not mean it is automatically false.
    Mathematics, Logic, History. Many realities in our world are not provable with the scientific method and are considered legal evidence, historical evidence, mathematical proof, logical reasoning and so on.

    In this event, I am going to use reason.

    The universe Exists – Fact.

    The universe began to exist at some finite point in time –

    (Mathematically proven-since the universe cannot exist infinitely in time be it big bang or inflation theory or expanding collapsing universe theory)

    The question then is cause

    Whatever begins to exist has a cause
    The universe began to exist
    Therefore the universe has a cause

    We cannot account for this cause to be in the natural world but rather the supernatural… Which one?

    In Genesis, it claims that God created Light, before He commanded the sun and stars to form.
    This was an object of ridicule for atheists.
    They said it was stupid that there would be light before God created the light source.
    But if you look carefully at the Big Bang theory.
    Before any stars could even form… THERE WAS LIGHT. The initial “BANG” produced a shower of photons to be emitted- Photons = Light.


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