Battlestar Galactica Gets It Right

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Let’s get started with a quickie (because I know you love those, baby).

I am so late to the game, that all I can watch is replays. I’m finally getting down to watching Battlestar Galactica and am currently in the final episodes of season 1. I had always heard that this show addresses some fascinating questions and topics such as monotheism vs. polytheism. What I didn’t expect were quotes like this:

Cylon Number Six: “It’s important that you form a personal relationship with God. Only you can give yourself over to his eternal love. … I’m trying to save your immortal soul, Gaius.”

Gaius Baltar: “No, what you are doing darling is boring me to death with your superstitious drivel, your metaphysical nonsense which–to be fair–actually appeals to the half-educated dullards that make up most of human society, but–which I hasten to add–no rational, intelligent, freethinking human being truly believes.”

ooh, burn

Shit yeah. Bring on all the atheistic things!

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April 19, 2012  |  funny, god, quotes


  1. ” the half-educated dollards that make up most of human society ”

    The ‘dollards’ are dullards – otherwise close enough. IMO, 98% of the population is as dumb as a sack of rocks.

  2. But then ***************SPOILER ALERT**************

    Gaius Baltar becomes a cult leader.

  3. Battlestar Galactica is pretty much my favorite show ever, but they could have done a little better in the religion department. Your getting to the parts where they are more pro religion. The fourth season gets rather implausible about religion and with some of the plotlines. Unfortunately, Baltar was the only atheist human and he’s weak minded and has other negative traits. I kept wishing for another character to show up and be more of a sympathetic atheist. I did read somewhere that Billy was supposed to be atheist and I always liked his character, but they never really stated anything about his religion on the show.

  4. Ok. Now I’ve got to watch Battlestar Galactica. :)

  5. The others beat me to it, but yeah, you’re going to be really disappointed in Baltar by the end of the series.

    I, along with many fans, was really disappointed with the final episode, apart from the big battle in the first half. The series itself, I felt, started to go off the rails during Season 3, though even into Season 4 there were still some good episodes.

  6. Battlestar Galactica is probably the most frustrating show in recent years. On one hand, there’s so much innovation, creativity, stories within stories, smart conjecture about future culture, media and religion ideas… but the actin is average, the dialogues are so so, and that robot/girl is just too effing ugly to be believable. Come on, old iron ass, unpainted piece of metal? Should have went the iRobot/Steve Jobs inspired type of robots…though it does fit within the battlestar eschatology.

  7. Baltar was an ass, but he was a human. And had good and bad things about him.

    As for the end of the show, it made perfect sense…in THAT universe. It’s like the issues people have with other movies not being “realistic enough”. It always makes me laugh, it’s a SCIFI show…so it’s going to be fake. It’s going to have fiction, an integral part of science fiction.

    While things to seem to get strange in the 4th season, it’s because it’s a strange show. I’d say what the writers did get right, despite what others think, is the characters.

    Also, there is a very different experience one gets from waiting a week between each episode. Maybe I’m the only one, but having to wait a week to see the next episode really makes you enjoy a show more. It also allows you to “see” it better. You’re not plugging through 15+ episodes in a week.

  8. Just brace yourself. The show doesn’t end with such clarity & bravado. It is still one of my all time favorites but goes ALL kinds of WTF in the end

  9. Yossarian LeFonda

    The show did a fine job showing how people of theistic and non-theistic backgrounds could A) be human, and B) be moral humans. And btw, Admiral Adama was another atheist role model, and a really good and compelling one at that. You’ve really gotta love him!

  10. Or you get airplanes in space, which largely ignores that airplanes work in the real world because they take advantage of the fact that air and sea have different attributes.

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