Pull My Strings.

Love is the influence of action, the strings that pull the marionette. Each energetic tug of the puppeteer tosses us into one another, playfully jostled into action until we are so wrapped up in each other’s love, that nothing but blades can separate the knots.

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November 23, 2012  |  personal, randomness, relationships


  1. It’s been a while! Good to see you back.

  2. I’ll second the “good to see you back” bit. I was wondering how you are doing, and hoping you are well. I’d missed seeing your posts.

  3. Good to see you back. Have a merry Christmas or as another shot fired in the war on Christmas…Happy Holidays!

  4. I don’t no where else to share this but it’s one of those days to those who have lost a child IN MY SOLITUDE by:S**** / NotaIn my solitude,I feel so at home.In the wietnr of my soul,I have felt so alone.I’ve seen the very best,which this life has to offer.And I’ve been to the depth,any human can suffer.When my soul is disturbed,and my life seems frenetic.I return to my safe place,where my soul is replenished.I do my best to hold my head,and carry my load.Though I stumble some times,on this arduous road.I fight the curse, which I have carried,Through this journey of life.I’ve got my beautiful kids,And the most amazing wife.I lost sight of what’s important,when I put you in the ground.Through the grief of losing you,I can’t explain the strength I’ve found.I have shed so many tears,I can’t believe I’m still around.But, the joy we find in life,Is something deep and so profound.That we could never feel it,if we hadn’t known the pain.We would never feel relief,if we hadn’t felt the strain.Though the tears I’ve shed are plenty,and the joys I’ve felt are few.The anguish seems to be the well,from which, my strength I drew In my solitude.

  5. Ton article sera le bienvenue car il faut que les débutants sachent que toutes les niches rapportent de l’argent. Il suffit juste de savoir s’y prendre et c’est tout.

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