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Let’s Give It Up for the WTF

06/07/2012  |  14 Comments

I love that somewhere out there in the world lives a person who uses precious minutes of their day to... (more...)

Dear Godless Girl: What Do You Fear?

02/27/2012  |  14 Comments

Mira asks: What do you fear? Do you fear death? I appreciate Mira's question because it always forces me to consider my... (more...)

Facebook Faith: Indoctrination

01/14/2012  |  6 Comments

What's more adorable than a child imitating a ritual you've taught them? A child bossing around his or her friends... (more...)

Can You Follow Jesus without Religion?

01/12/2012  |  51 Comments

"I'm not religious; I'm a Jesus-follower." "I love Jesus but hate religion." "Christianity isn't a religion; it's a relationship." Have you ever heard... (more...)