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Let’s Give It Up for the WTF

06/07/2012  |  14 Comments

I love that somewhere out there in the world lives a person who uses precious minutes of their day to... (more...)

A Misogynist Preacher & The Chicken or the Egg

05/26/2011  |  23 Comments

Here's what the Bible says about women ... according to this guy: Not many people--including Christians--would disagree that this preacher, Jack... (more...)

Another Truth from Comics

05/09/2011  |  3 Comments

I love Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics, and you will too! Related: The "Good News" is a protection racket.

Is Faith the Cause of Genocide, Racism, and Bigotry?

04/29/2011  |  18 Comments

I follow the hashtag #atheism on twitter in order to keep abreast on what people are saying about religion and other controversial... (more...)