Stone Me

If I was living under Mosaic law today, here are the offenses for which I would be put to death: Cursing Parents For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be Read more…


Separation from God (Part 1: It’s your fault)

Dear Christian, Do you feel far from god? Are you struggling with emotions of guilt, shame, frustration, or exhaustion when you think about your devotionals, prayer time, church activities, and ministry work? I can easily recall acute feelings of guilt in respect to my Christian practices. I felt like my walk with the divine was often defined more by the belief that I should do something, rather than I was eager to do something. Even knowing what to do was a topic of confusion. How many prayer times is enough? Should I join another bible study? Do I need to attend church twice a week? Do most Christians do a daily devotional? In retrospect, I realize that my closeness to god hinged fully on emotion and the satisfaction that came from doing well in what I thought was expected of me, and the natural high that occurred when enjoying myself and my thoughts during those times. I know Christians often struggle with how to draw near to god. For example: (more…)


Miracles, Prophecies, and Science–Oh My!

Was Jesus real? Can we trust the Bible? Is it always true? On a web forum, one woman defended the reality of Jesus and the divine inspiration of the Biblical text. Below, I've included her points and my responses. I would love to flesh-out these points more in later posts.

[Said in response to a non-theist's point that you can believe a religious leader was a good person with worthwhile points and not have faith in him or believe he was a prophet] Joseph Smith was a false prophet as is any other person in history whose prophecies have failed
But even Jesus didn't even fulfill all the prophesies (supposedly) about him. He apparently has to come back a second time to finish them all. (more…)