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Dear Godless Girl: What Do You Fear?

02/27/2012  |  14 Comments

Mira asks: What do you fear? Do you fear death? I appreciate Mira's question because it always forces me to consider my... (more...)

Dear Godless Girl: “Speaking with A Wicked Tongue”

01/13/2012  |  19 Comments

I am fortunate that I don't have much hatemail to sort through despite having an atheist blog filled with snark... (more...)

I Do Care.

11/06/2011  |  10 Comments

I'm sorry I haven't been writing actively as of late. I sit here in my chair after a weekend of... (more...)

Dear Godless Girl: Saying Grace?

04/09/2011  |  17 Comments

On the rare days when I check my email (read: I'm a lazy bum), I often find questions or objections... (more...)