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God, What a Workout!

I figured out why I gained so much weight after high school… I stopped believing in the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit! After that, worship went from being a full-contact sport to a meditative study hall. And since deconverting–shit–I must be the most out of shape I’ve ever been! I need the anointing, Lord! Whip my ass soul into shape!

For those of you who want a complete body makeover, let me introduce you to part of this intensive, free-spirited, danger-to-those-around-you workout called Pentecostalism:

YouTube Preview Image

Now get up and shake that thang for Jebus!

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Punch Jesus in the Face

If you punched Jesus in the face, would he forgive you?

Kids say the darnedest things, especially when dissecting the myths and teachings about the Bible. Check out this funny clip from the British sitcom Outnumbered. The best part is watching the vicar squirm as theories and challenges come flying at him from all sides.

YouTube Preview Image

I think my favorite part is the bit about Jesus dying for us. “That’s a bit selfish of humankind, isn’t it?” asks Ben. The little girl then wonders if Jesus could have written to somebody asking them to be better before something bad happened. These children are brilliant!

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Book LOL of the Day: The Exorsistah

The Exorsistah
I haven’t been around much lately since I just moved to a new place, took a vacation, and work just got a hell of a lot crazier. But, by the power of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I am here to provide you with some literary entertainment! Who else is in the mood for sassy teenage love, exorcisms, and fashion advice?

Claudia Mair Burney, a Christian fiction author, released an interesting novel in 2008 titled The Exorsistah. The book has received five 5-star reviews on amazon. The cover reads, “If you think the streets are mean, meet Emme Vaughn, demon-huntress.” Oh yes, folks, this is a golden example of contemporary Christian literature. Don’t ask how I got it; just sit back, relax, and wonder along with me how writing like this gets published.

Let’s hear some quotes, shall we? Starting with the opening paragraphs:

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I just discovered a new-to-me atheist blog by a well-spoken man named Kevin. Please read his thoughts over at Memoirs of an ex-Christian and enjoy!

One comment on this entry about Moses and the Torah stands out as a classic, priceless example of “spirit-filled” Christian rhetoric that you just have to see to believe (but if you believe it, you’ve got other issues). I’ve left it in all its caps lock glory, so please forgive me if you leave this blog with a migraine; but at least I’ve hidden it below the fold:

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