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Awesomely bad!

Nothing says “Jesus loves you” like some cheesy, contemporary Christian videos marked by religious buzzwords and poor production value.

[NOTE: Due to the age of these videos, some of them are unavailable and have been removed. Thanks for visiting!]

Why is it that all sacred dancers wear the same outfits and scoot and flutter in the same ways? And how should an atheist dance?
Oh wait, here we go!
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April 24, 2009  |  christianity, funny, randomness  |  11 Comments

In case of Rapture, the Kibbles and Bits are under the sink.

Your pets can have adequate care after the Rapture (link). I’m sure this will soothe the worried minds of many Christians who–according to their bumper stickers–couldn’t care less if their car/bus/plane goes unmanned and crashes into a group of children/old folks home/nuclear reactor, but who can’t bear the thought of their pets fending for themselves like real animals after  humans get hoovered up into the sky with Jesus.

How comforting.

March 24, 2009  |  christianity, funny, randomness  |  5 Comments