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Why Do We Exist?

08/10/2010  |  18 Comments

I am sure we've all been asked this question or  wondered ourselves. But have you ever heard the answers given... (more...)

Sexism in the Bible

08/05/2010  |  40 Comments

The evangelical magazine Christianity Today (which I've mentioned quite a bit) published an article titled "Woman As Folly" about the... (more...)

Anne Rice Leaves Christianity, Not Jesus.

07/30/2010  |  37 Comments

Anne Rice was raised a Catholic and left the religion to do her own thing for many years. Much to... (more...)

“One of Those Days” and Interpreting God’s Will

07/14/2010  |  7 Comments

Let's say I'm late for work; I forget my medications; I'm stuck in traffic; My boss is in a foul... (more...)