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Dawkins: ‘Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope’

03/29/2010  |  25 Comments

I wager that the British can unleash more gleefully scathing insults than anyone else in the world. No one else... (more...)

Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees? We May Have the Answer.

03/16/2010  |  20 Comments

There is no god. Even if there were, it clearly doesn't give a damn about you missing some bodily tissue.... (more...)

Lesbian and Gay Strangers Get a Marriage License

02/15/2010  |  10 Comments

New York residents Kitty Lambert and her partner Cheryl wanted to get married, so they went to the Clerk's office... (more...)

Jesus Loves You… with a Bullet In Your Eye

01/18/2010  |  7 Comments

What Would Jesus Do? Probably not quote himself on a weapon used to kill an enemy. Oh the irony. Whether they knew... (more...)