Missionary Dating

A common Christian teaching is to neither date nor marry someone who is not part of the same religion or denomination as you. The state of being committed to someone of another belief set is usually called “being unequally yoked” (see 2 Cor. 6:14). When I was a Christian, I Read more…


Without the Vigil

This is the first Easter I will be spending apart from my family, without going to church, and without any sort of recognition whatsoever. I will miss seeing my relatives and enjoying their company, but I just didn't want to do the traveling and have to say "no" ten times to invites to multiple masses, a special Saturday night religious ceremony my family has at dinner, and prayer times. To my family, the point of Easter was not chocolate, ham dinners, bunnies, nor eggs. It was always about Jesus' death and resurrection. We were always very devoted and serious Christians. And easter used to be my favorite church holiday of the whole year. I was raised semi-Catholic (never confirmed), and always kept one toe in the Roman Catholic pool. I would visit mass with my mother when she invited me, and my favorite service of any denomination was always the annual Easter vigil mass on Saturday nights (which is going on as I type this now). The late-into-the-night, 5-hour-long service was the high-point of my spiritual year. I memorized the songs as a child, knew the rhythm of the readings by the time I was a teen, and loved every single second. When other kids would be bored and restless, I was excited, attentive, and involved. And I wasn't even Catholic! There was a magic in the darkness of the sanctuary, a ripple of excitement when the candles were lit, and a thrumming thrill that flooded the entire church when the gospel readings were read, the lights came on, and the ecstatic songs of praise would ring out. I lived for those moments. I felt so at home, so fulfilled spiritually. (more…)


On the Way Here: “I Feel Demoted”

journal250x188What is it like to move away from the religion you've spent your life enjoying, loving, and following? As this blog begins to form,  I hope to illustrate my own experiences for you, my haven't-had-enough-time-yet-to-be-loyal reader. I hope these disjointed memories show how even today I'm still forming my thoughts, beliefs, and character apart from religion. Slide back in time with me as I re-visit a private journal entry from my journey into non-belief:

July 22, 2008

For the first time in my life, someone asked me a question that began, "As a non-Christian, do you..." This may not sound odd to you, but since my Christianity has been a vital and overwhelming influence on my entire life, development, identity, and choices, having someone essentially confirm what I've been wondering is a bit unnerving. I don't want to say I've deconverted. I really ache to avoid it. What if this is a "phase"? I wouldn't want to say I was one thing and then pull an "Oops, just kidding!" Most of all, I don't want to tell the people who still think "that's GG, she's a Christian" that I'm not so sure any more. (more…)