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Faith Healing Debunked… by Christians

11/17/2010  |  14 Comments

Why should outsiders have to work so hard at pointing out the flaws in Christianity when Christians do it just... (more...)

Morality without God?

10/27/2010  |  13 Comments

Frans DeWaal of the New York Times has written a thoughtful piece on the origins of morality, altruism, and... (more...)

Baby Worshiping in the Holy Spirit?

10/26/2010  |  13 Comments

Here we have yet another example of how religion shapes children at impressionable ages. "What do we do at church, honey?... (more...)

Atheists and Christians Should Be Friends

Atheists and Christians Should Be Friends

10/25/2010  |  61 Comments

How diverse is your circle of friends? Are you surrounded by people of one belief system? Do you ever avoid... (more...)