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A Quickie Coming Out

12/11/2011  |  8 Comments

Today's reactions to me saying "I'm an atheist" to some members of my chorus: "I've never met one before!" "I'm Unitarian." "How can... (more...)

Atheist Elitism

11/27/2011  |  50 Comments

Laci Green, a young woman whom I've admired as a clear voice for skepticism and sex positivity, posted this video... (more...)

Godless Girl’s 14 Tips for a Less Douchey Life

11/26/2011  |  17 Comments

I'm sick of assholes. I'd be less colorful in my language, but I also don't think being censored necessarily leads... (more...)

40 Examples of Christian Privilege

11/21/2011  |  31 Comments

Schlosser, L. Z. (2003). Christian privilege: Breaking a sacred taboo. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 31(1), 44-51 You can download... (more...)