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11 Atheist & Skeptical Youtube Channels You Need to Watch

01/04/2011  |  41 Comments

A not-so-long time ago in a place not-so-far away from here, I was digging into my Bible with ferocity in... (more...)

Survey: What’s Your Hot Button Issue?

12/06/2010  |  56 Comments

What gets you riled up? Which topics of conversation, political positions, controversial ideas, social causes, (and I could go on)... (more...)

The Nature of Existence and World Religions

08/14/2010  |  4 Comments

I attended the screening for "The Nature of Existence" tonight. Since I blogged about the film last week, I wanted... (more...)

Why Do We Exist?

08/10/2010  |  18 Comments

I am sure we've all been asked this question or  wondered ourselves. But have you ever heard the answers given... (more...)