5 Questions for Atheists

YouTube is a fabulous resource for nontheists all around the world to learn, connect, debate, and exchange ideas. I’m not ashamed to admit that watching videos on youtube was pivotal in my journey out of Christianity. Without the wealth of information, challenging ideas, and myriad voices found there, I might still be a theist today.

Since I’m still anonymous, I don’t have my own videos to add to youtube (yet?), but I would still like to respond to a survey posted by Bossman103, a theist. He asks atheists 5 questions, and I would love to hear your own thoughts as well! Comment here or post a video response to him on youtube.

1. What in your opinion is the biggest misconception about atheism?, why is it? and what would you do to change it?
One that comes up the most for me lately is that atheists leave previous religions for invalid reasons: i.e. they were never true believers; or didn’t fully understand their religion; or left for personal, not intellectual reasons; or they’re just going through a rebellious, sinful phase. the list goes on and on. Basically, theists claim that atheists weren’t ____ enough, and if they were, they’d still believe in God.

2. Do you think there is extra-terrestrial or extra-universal intelligence?
I suppose it’s possible, but I haven’t seen any evidence of it. It’s arrogance to say that we’re the only beings that exist and matter in this vast universe. But I do not believe that E.T. life has any involvement in our current reality today, no.

3. What in your opinion is the poorest argument for religion and why?
I can never settle on just one. I dislike the arguments that “Billions of people can’t be wrong,” or “It’s really old, so it must be true,” or “It’s too much for me to understand, so it must be God.”

4. What would would be your perfect society? Secular? non religious? Anarchic? Why?
I’m trying to stay practical in this reality, so I choose secular in terms of government. I don’t think we could become a non-theistic humanity in the future, so I’m simply hoping for a secular existence in peace. Personally though, I think of all religions as capable of destruction and the degradation of society, so I’d prefer people choose reason and non-theism over theism, but I don’t think that’s realistic.

5. If when you die Jesus is there how would you justify yourself to him and what do you think his response would be?
I don’t think I would have to justify myself, since he would probably be aware of my actions and motivations and thoughts. But I would want to have a discourse with him if I could, since I’d be surprised to see him. I think his response to my life thus far might be “well, you really ran the middle of the line. You tried to do well many times, and you were selfish and harmed other people many other times.”

If he follows the fundamentalist view, I might still be saves since I accepted him and knew him when I was younger.
If he follows the Catholic view, I might go to hell or stay in purgatory forever since I would have died without confessing mortal and venial sins.

I’m going to stop there since I can’t know which version of himself I’d even meet 😉 And I’m babbling.

Check out Bossman103’s channel here and watch his original video below:
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(via YouTube user eddygoombah‘s answer video.)

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Baptism Removal

Last month, a man named John Hunt won his battle to have his record of baptism removed from the church history. This raised some questions, and I hope you’ll tell me what you think.

First, some history.
I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church as an infant. My mother was Catholic and my father was Protestant, but they agreed to compromise; before you knew it, the stain of original sin was removed from my soul. Or so they believed.

Today, I’m a godless heathen who doesn’t care whether I was baptized, initiated, confirmed, or whatever else. I have left religion behind and I do not believe in a spiritual reality. That baptism was for my parents; in my eyes, it had no effect on me.

Now back to Mr. Hunt. Why do non-theists care whether they were baptized or not? If you don’t believe in a spiritual realm, afterlife, or sin, why is baptism anything more than a splash or dunk of water? It’s an empty religious tradition, isn’t it? Why the fuss about removing it? The only reason I can dream up is that it affects your social status and you don’t want to be identified with that group for legal, political, or safety reasons.

I’m sorry folks, but you can’t undo the impact religion has had on your life; you can’t change your past. I don’t mind if one feels a personal drive to be de-baptized, but all I ask is why?


I just discovered a new-to-me atheist blog by a well-spoken man named Kevin. Please read his thoughts over at Memoirs of an ex-Christian and enjoy!

One comment on this entry about Moses and the Torah stands out as a classic, priceless example of “spirit-filled” Christian rhetoric that you just have to see to believe (but if you believe it, you’ve got other issues). I’ve left it in all its caps lock glory, so please forgive me if you leave this blog with a migraine; but at least I’ve hidden it below the fold:

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A Literal Heaven and Spacetime

Photo by Anthony M.

Photo by Anthony M.

A conversation on a Christian message board reads as follows:

Woman A: so you think [the verses about rewards in Heaven are] literal? I find a majority of the bible references are to give people an idea of what heaven will be like…. not to actually describe it. Honestly, if that’s what it is about, I’m not interested in “storing up riches in heaven” because riches mean squat to me. Not interested at all.

Woman B: Yes, I think it is literal, but also very much spiritual. Those who have given much will receive greater honor. … I believe that there are degrees of reward in heaven. Not everyone who goes to heaven will receive the same reward.

Those who make a last minute decision for Christ will have basic salvation, a gown but not a robe of righteousness, no crowns, no authority, no houses and lands. Saddest of all, they will have missed the opportunity to bring others to Christ–their children and families, their friends and fellow co-workers. Nor will they ever hear Christ say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

[Click here to read the verses she quotes to illustrate]

Isn’t it funny how some Christians believe the descriptions of Heaven in the Bible are literal, but still claim that (in order for God to be exempt from the natural laws and rules he places upon us, and in order to be supremely powerful and the cause of all creation) God and his realm are “outside of space and time”? If heaven existed and it were outside of the universe, there would be no physical senses, no gold, no houses, no crowns, no sequence of events, no perception of progression, and no concept of “the past” or “the future” at all.

Someone more knowledgeable than myself should explain this, but in my understanding, something outside of spacetime–or in a higher dimension–cannot possibly be understood in terms we use here inside the spacetime 3-and-4-dimensional universe. Yet the descriptions of God and his dwelling place are communicated in ways that can only be understood to us here, now, in our current dimensions. The verses and teachings about literal sensations, events, and objects are still believed. Why take these words from the Bible literally? Those streets of gold and beautiful mansions won’t exist as we imagine them because they can’t if they’re outside of the known universe. Even if an afterlife does exist, we could never hope to know about it or understand what happens there.

It’s clear to me that these buzzwords and Christian aphorisms that are thrown around casually are not at all understood by the common layperson. Heck, I can barely scratch the surface myself. Sine my words and thoughts can’t communicate this concept very well, I want to show you a video about dimensions that really bends my noggin. Hope you love it too! This guy is the shit, and I want to have his MENSA babies.

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