Miracles, Prophecies, and Science–Oh My!

Was Jesus real? Can we trust the Bible? Is it always true? On a web forum, one woman defended the reality of Jesus and the divine inspiration of the Biblical text. Below, I've included her points and my responses. I would love to flesh-out these points more in later posts.

[Said in response to a non-theist's point that you can believe a religious leader was a good person with worthwhile points and not have faith in him or believe he was a prophet] Joseph Smith was a false prophet as is any other person in history whose prophecies have failed
But even Jesus didn't even fulfill all the prophesies (supposedly) about him. He apparently has to come back a second time to finish them all. (more…)


On the Way Here: “I Feel Demoted”

journal250x188What is it like to move away from the religion you've spent your life enjoying, loving, and following? As this blog begins to form,  I hope to illustrate my own experiences for you, my haven't-had-enough-time-yet-to-be-loyal reader. I hope these disjointed memories show how even today I'm still forming my thoughts, beliefs, and character apart from religion. Slide back in time with me as I re-visit a private journal entry from my journey into non-belief:

July 22, 2008

For the first time in my life, someone asked me a question that began, "As a non-Christian, do you..." This may not sound odd to you, but since my Christianity has been a vital and overwhelming influence on my entire life, development, identity, and choices, having someone essentially confirm what I've been wondering is a bit unnerving. I don't want to say I've deconverted. I really ache to avoid it. What if this is a "phase"? I wouldn't want to say I was one thing and then pull an "Oops, just kidding!" Most of all, I don't want to tell the people who still think "that's GG, she's a Christian" that I'm not so sure any more. (more…)


Don’t Silence the Christians

bullhorn250w A friend informed me that a cable station near our alma mater was going to run a program called Speechless: Silencing the Christians, an anti-homosexuality, fundamentalist propaganda piece sponsored by the American Family Association (which might as well be called the Apple Pie and Cuddles Association to emphasize the warm fuzzies they use to hide the noose hanging from the nearest tree). Whoops, did I say that? The network in question pulled the program after an avalanche of protests by LGBT supporters. At first, my reaction was elation. I clicked my heels,  seeing one more poisonous influence kept from the eyes and ears of thousands. Such vile propaganda shouldn't be allowed on television!... right? Upon further introspection, I reassessed my glee. I was a hypocrite. Censorship only proves the point of the AFA--we did silence the Christians. I believe in free speech for all, no matter how bigoted one's beliefs. I may hate that you think what you do, but I want you to have the right to shout it from the rooftops--or preach it from the television--if it doesn't infringe on the rights of others or break any laws. The freedom to speak your mind is the same freedom that lets me speak mine. Let the ideas stand freely on their own. The weak ones will fall where they may. To borrow a phrase: let the best idea win. On the website for Speechless, you can watch the piece and then answer a survey they plan to send to top media, political, and social leaders in the United States. Inspired by Calladus, I've decided to answer this survey after the cut.