Don’t Silence the Christians

I believe in free speech for all, no matter how bigoted one's beliefs. I may hate that you think what you do, but I want you to have the right to shout it from the rooftops--or preach it from the television--if it doesn't break any laws. The freedom to speak your mind is the same freedom that lets me speak mine. Let the ideas stand freely on their own. To borrow a phrase: let the best idea win.

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The WTF of

Who is Godless Girl?: Howdy. I am Godless Girl—or GG for short. I have ovaries, and I’m an atheist (hence the alliterative wonder that is this website). I’ll reveal much about what simmers beneath that name in the coming posts, but suffice it to say that I’m in my 20s, I’m a former Christian, and my favorite food group is dairy.

The blog: is a wee baby—fresh out of the internet birth canal.  Are you a non-believer who wants to discuss atheism, freethought, and religion? Are you a religious or spiritual person who is interested in how a chick like me thinks? Would you like to tell your stories or discuss how you came out of faith or gave in to it?  Do you like random awesomeness and sarcastic make-out sessions? I invite you to subscribe to my RSS feed to stay abreast of the latest developments!

I have owned multiple (embarrassing) websites in one form or another since 1999. I used to design layouts from scratch—that is, until web standards came onto the scene and my excuses for code could actually be graded. The horror! Now I find myself with a fresh domain, a cheerful outlook, and a lot of drafts I need to finish!

For your information: Yes, is anonymous. You should be happy that I even admit my gender. Now you can send me love notes! When I was young and still quite stupid, I would spray my personal information and most intimate experiences into my blogs. Now that I have been freed from that internet adolescence, I am learning the value of biting my tongue. And yet, even as I keep some facts to myself, I also feel compelled to become as forthright as possible about my feelings and thoughts. You can’t beat “Honesty is the best policy” for an appropriate aphorism. Consider an experiment in both privacy and honesty.

Expect profanity, disorganization, and occasional typos (with my sincerest fake apologies); and for goodness sake send me hate mail if I ever use a double negative, try on emo jeans, or get my facts wrong.

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