The Joy of Bob Ross

bob-rossUpdate Sep-23-09: It seems the streaming channel has been shut down. The internet weeps in agony! No more happy little trees... Thanks to @mei_guo_ren, I have now found my favorite place on the internets! That's right, bishes... It's The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross! Streaming! Check it out! You can't top the epic fro, brush beatings, and his signature self-help style of painting. Don't forget, of course, the "happy little [everything]". You have to see it to believe it. Those of you who secretly adored The Joy of Painting will be in pure heaven as the dozens of episodes wash over you. Who can't love the peaceful, joyful 80s guru with his buttery voice, soft tapping brushes, and open collared shirt? Rawr, Bob! Bring your two inch brush, knife, fan brush, palette, and saucy colors over here! He's the pimp of 80s hotel art. I would definitely buy that. Stream some Bob Ross love here. There's even a chat room in which I spent 2 hours laughing my ass off. Enjoy! (more…)