Am I Lying?

Andrew left a thoughtful, interesting comment on my recent post about coming out to my family. I think it’s worth responding to at length, and I’d like you all to chime in if you feel inspired. What do you think about my decision? Background The only family member who does Read more…


Tract Evangelism

tract: money Jesus loves you so much that he killed himself so that you would receive a mass-produced and over-simplified printed flyer. When trying to "reach the lost" for Jesus, there are no holds barred and no pop culture topics left untouched. Anything and everything can become a preaching tool. I remember my church giving us evangelism tracts to use during summer vacation as a challenge. They looked like money (see the back of the bill above) and were designed to lure the greedy sinner into picking them up. My youth pastor gave us tips for how to give them out:

  • Leave them on the ground; someone will pick it up and maybe read!
  • Leave it with your tip in a restaurant (I know someone who left these tracts on the table without any real money as a tip. Yeah, so Christ-like!)
  • Put it in an envelope with a  bill payment.
  • Tuck it into the g-string of a stripper (just kidding! Though I wouldn't put it past someone to do this.)