On My Bookshelf

You guys! I found an atheist book on the Free Shelf at work today! *Dances a jig with jazz hands* John W. Loftus, author of one of my favorite blogs, Debunking Christianity, and the book Why I Became an Atheist, has edited a collection of articles critiquing the claims of Read more…


On Martyrs

[caption id="attachment_2879" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="A print ad promoting peace in India"]chhattisgarh martyr ad[/caption] In my past life, the only causes worth dying for were one's faith and one's country. I remember attending a youth conference where a provocative speaker spent an hour telling heart-wrenching stories about Christian persecution around the world and how many believers go to their deaths because they refuse to give in to those who do not give them religious freedom. These stories had a great impact on me at the time. I once considered going on a bible smuggling mission trip to China so I could help people who had to be underground and hidden in order to practice Christianity. Martyrdom is revered in Christianity very highly, and it's not hard to find a believer who will say they would gladly die for the cause of Christ. Willingness to die for one's beliefs is considered an honorable act by most every religion I can think of. Even secular causes (especially in times of political upheaval) can bring about this drastic act of devotion. I do not think martyrdom---whether modern or throughout history---proves anything about the claims these people made or the beliefs they held. More death does not equal more truth. I do not think that the more one suffers for those claims, the more glorious and righteous one is. (more…)


Ape, Not Monkey

One of the very best comic strips for laughing over religion, skepticism, politics, and science is the delightul Ape, Not Monkey by Jeffrey Weston. Often what Weston can illustrate in four panels is more than I could say in a long-winded blog post. Check out some of my favorite editions: Read more…


Why Do We Exist?

I am sure we’ve all been asked this question or  wondered ourselves. But have you ever heard the answers given by Buddhists? Scientists? Mormons? Taoists? Roger Nygard, director of Trekkies and Trekkies 2, took his curiosity and sense of humor on the road and asked this important question to hundreds Read more…