On the Way Here: “I Feel Demoted”

journal250x188What is it like to move away from the religion you've spent your life enjoying, loving, and following? As this blog begins to form,  I hope to illustrate my own experiences for you, my haven't-had-enough-time-yet-to-be-loyal reader. I hope these disjointed memories show how even today I'm still forming my thoughts, beliefs, and character apart from religion. Slide back in time with me as I re-visit a private journal entry from my journey into non-belief:

July 22, 2008

For the first time in my life, someone asked me a question that began, "As a non-Christian, do you..." This may not sound odd to you, but since my Christianity has been a vital and overwhelming influence on my entire life, development, identity, and choices, having someone essentially confirm what I've been wondering is a bit unnerving. I don't want to say I've deconverted. I really ache to avoid it. What if this is a "phase"? I wouldn't want to say I was one thing and then pull an "Oops, just kidding!" Most of all, I don't want to tell the people who still think "that's GG, she's a Christian" that I'm not so sure any more. (more…)