Fear of God vs. Fear of the World … and a Break-Up

[caption id="attachment_3140" align="alignright" width="199" caption="photo by TrevinC"]Fear God[/caption] "Life sucks and then you die." Or so said my coworker when she heard about my break-up with my boyfriend yesterday. I laughed, and she promised she would pray for God to take away my troubles. Another acquaintance tried to comfort me by saying I shouldn't be afraid about finding another man in the future. God would provide, and we have nothing to fear. Well, sometimes life does suck, being lonely is no fun, and once in a while I wonder if I will find a mate for the long haul who will be an amazing match for me. But am I afraid? Does being an atheist have anything to do with my heartache? I don't think so, no.

Fear and Humanity

Do atheists fear the world? Is fear a bad thing? Would believing in God protect us from trouble and remove fear from our lives? (Read more after the cut...) (more…)


I’m a Freshman

[caption id="attachment_504" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Photo by Campin Guy"]Photo by Campin Guy[/caption] When you reach eighth grade, you're at the top of your game: You have an amusing case of senioritis that provides an abundance of confidence and slackitude (yes, that is a word today). Compared to your 7th and 6th grade peons, you're mature, smart, attractive, and "have it all together". While they're still in training bras or hoping a chin hair will suddenly appear, you're at the top of the food chain, dolling out advice and wisdom to whatever child will take it. You've found your niche. You finally feel like you have a voice. Eighth grade was one of the best school years of my life. I loved it. And then you become a freshman. Suddenly you're thrust into an unfamiliar environment with people bigger than you who know more about absolutely everything. You can't even find your way to the water fountain, much less lead a clique or have control over your life. Books are heavier, assignments are longer, and you are suddenly taught something called "critical thinking" (well, in some schools, anyway). Not everyone is like you anymore, and you feel lost, intimidated, and insecure. You have a lot of growing to do. I remember hating my high school for months before I finally accepted the transition into the new environment. For me, leaving Christianity was a lot like graduating from eighth grade to high school. (more…)


5 Things I should have known about faith

Dear Previous Self, cross and sky I love you, chica. You're delightful, passionate, curious, and charmingly sardonic. And whatthehell, you're me; of course I've got a soft spot. But oy, you have got to break out of that slump of blissful ignorance you've been stuck in since that first felt storyboard in Sunday school. There are some things that must be said. They may not convince you or influence you, but what kind of Future Self would I be if I didn't try to knock you upside the head? 1) You were not born a Christian. No matter what your family is or was culturally, you are only a member of a religion once you choose to be. Unfortunately, parents don't trust their children to think and learn on their own, and the word "indoctrination" should be used for what inevitably follows. (more…)