When Sex is “Gross”

She scoffed at every kiss, every sweet show of closeness and intimacy on screen. Exclamations of disgust drooled out the corners of her mouth as if she forgot to swallow a bite of food. Sexuality was shocking, and even a hint of it was met with "Ugh, why did they have to show that?" and "It was a great scene until that happened." I stewed in my seat, sometimes replying with simple explanations why love is beautiful and married people showing affection is wonderful and normal. She would have none of it. I'm shocked by how sheltered and closed-off some of my friends are to the real world. Was I ever so afraid of honest, sweet intimacy that I would jeer and shy away at the most innocent hint of it in a PG-13 movie? Yes, I'm sure I was. But why? Why is healthy, loving sexuality a taboo? I can't answer this, but it bothers me. (more…)


Evangelicals Still Heart Carrie Prejean

Carrie-Prejean Your favorite ex-beauty-queen-conservative-showgirl and mine, Carrie Prejean, took an interview with Christianity Today magazine that inspires many thoughts and a few chuckles. I may not hit on half of them here so go check it out.

The former Miss California contestant says that she is 'still standing,' and called a recent video of her 'the worst mistake of my life.'
I suppose she means she is "now standing, after being flat on her back"? Ohhh GG, you're so crass. Let me back it up and explain. I have some compassion for this young woman behind my sarcastic jabs. This 22-year-old was suddenly thrust into the limelight for speaking her unpopular (and ignorant, closed minded) opinion. She wasn't educated or prepared for such a role, so of course it's gone to hell in a hand basket (so-to-speak). Now back to the snark: I'm sure Miss Prejean is tired of all the interviews and fame. Oh wait--no she isn't!; She just published a book titled Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks. You've got to see the back cover endorsements for yourself. Was Ann Coulter fapping while she read it? Priceless! For her silicone-enhanced hotness and Jesus-praising appeal, Prejean was instantly picked as the Religious Right poster girl on the issue of same-sex marriage and free speech. But since the conservative media doesn't properly vet their spokespeople (read: Joe the Plumber), their choices usually backfire in spectacular fashion. (more…)


Missionary Dating

A common Christian teaching is to neither date nor marry someone who is not part of the same religion or denomination as you. The state of being committed to someone of another belief set is usually called “being unequally yoked” (see 2 Cor. 6:14). When I was a Christian, I Read more…