God’s Justice is Crap

[caption id="attachment_2976" align="aligncenter" width="513" caption="salvation in stick figures!"]stick figure salvation[/caption] A commenter on my post about Sexism in the Bible slipped this into her comment:

God is good and just. It's not what nonbeliever [sic] consider just. Their just [sic] is more to satisfy themselves. Really think about it, it is.
I hate to start out with an "Am not!" "Are too!" routine, but I just can't help myself. I would like to hear examples about how secular justice is selfish. Most of the accusations from Christians state that atheists don't believe in God because we're sin addicts and can't handle being accountable for our actions. Not only is this insulting and ignorant, but also delightfully ironic!

Selfishness and Consequences

I propose that God's "justice" is extremely selfish and perfectly illustrates the desire to not be accountable for one's actions. Not only that, but hey, it's  ridiculous. How "just" and "good" is it that someone is able to wreak any amount of pain, harm, havoc, or evil upon the earth and their fellow humans, apologize for it and feel regret, and then instantly be free of any consequences for that action? It may be nice, but it's not justice. (more…)


Morality without God?

Frans DeWaal of the New York Times has written a thoughtful piece on the origins of morality, altruism, and whether God has anything to do with it. It’s definitely worth the read, so check it out. What does science say about morality? While I do consider religious institutions and their Read more…