Promises, Promises

I feel uncomfortable when it comes to making promises. Saying something like “I can absolutely do that for you.” or “I’ll send that to you ASAP” makes me wary. Why? Because I know myself. I’m not completely trustworthy, especially when it comes to getting things done. I don’t want to Read more…


When Sex is “Gross”

She scoffed at every kiss, every sweet show of closeness and intimacy on screen. Exclamations of disgust drooled out the corners of her mouth as if she forgot to swallow a bite of food. Sexuality was shocking, and even a hint of it was met with "Ugh, why did they have to show that?" and "It was a great scene until that happened." I stewed in my seat, sometimes replying with simple explanations why love is beautiful and married people showing affection is wonderful and normal. She would have none of it. I'm shocked by how sheltered and closed-off some of my friends are to the real world. Was I ever so afraid of honest, sweet intimacy that I would jeer and shy away at the most innocent hint of it in a PG-13 movie? Yes, I'm sure I was. But why? Why is healthy, loving sexuality a taboo? I can't answer this, but it bothers me. (more…)