It’s God’s Right!

Remember all those posts about God being a douchebag? I’ve been discussing God with a friend of mine who suggested the following argument (which I will probably muddle, since I’m summarizing from memory). I’d love to hear your responses! So what if God is an asshole? Even if God did Read more…


God + torture = love?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="405" caption="Photo © Jim Kuhn "]Photo © Jim Kuhn [/caption] I suppose I'm a bit of an atheist cliché. I have expressed on numerous occasions my distaste for the Judeo-Christian god as depicted in the Bible. (check out why God's justice is anti-American and God is immoral). But if we don't speak up about the inconsistencies we observe, they might go un-recognized by those who seek the truth. So in the name of critical thinking, I'll continue to challenge the Get Out of Jail Free card often handed to God even when our own reasoning indicates he's in violation of the most basic standards of morality. So, what about torture? This topic has been the focus of a steady buzz in past months, but only recently have I had much personal interaction with the topic. (more…)


Morality from an Immoral God

[caption id="attachment_2635" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="photo by Luciano Meirelles"]god is love?[/caption] One of the most common disputes non-believers have with Christianity (and I would think Judaism, considering the circumstances) is the depiction of morality in the Bible. As a Christian, I was constantly reminded that God is special and unlike other gods because he valued fallen sinners. I was taught the bible was honestly written because the book shows imperfect people doing horrible things and still God uses them to bring forth his Perfect Plan™. At the time, I believed this was an amazing, praiseworthy reason to trust what the bible said and to love the so-called Author. Did I ever take an honest look at the morality of God himself? No. God received a Get Out of Jail Free card because according to my beliefs, he was the source of everything that was good, perfect, loving, and just. If he was the source of morality, then he had to be 100% moral (i.e. good). Any evidence to the contrary had to be based in misunderstandings or closed-minded hatred. There was no ability in my mind to think of myself as more moral than my God. If I was, then why worship him? Why trust him? Why should I give up my life for him if my standards seem to surpass those of the Almighty? I wasn't able to even consider these questions. I had built a protective wall inside my mind: critical thinking and challenging my assumptions on one side---God and faith on the other. It wasn't until after I deconverted from Christianity that I took the time to critique this deity and the depictions of its so-called "goodness" that I had accepted my whole life.

Is God moral?



Do you Pinky Swear?

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” What if–instead of swearing on a bible, holy book, or other boring document–we could pinky swear? I’d even go for a “cross my heart” every once in a while. Well, the folks over at Read more…