Your Daily Woo: The Theme Song!

If you’re a fan of skepticism, science, and laughs, you’ll adore my favorite musical comic, Tim Minchin (possibly bumping the late, great Victor Borge down a notch). What I would give to see him perform live! He has the perfect song to illustrate the skeptic’s view of woo: “If You Read more…


Freedom Rings (But Sounds Better Autotuned)

© alykat Dear United States of America, Today is the day we recognize your childhood rebellion against the overbearing parental units of foreign power. May it be a lovely time to recognize that you don't actually know everything and can be a bit of an obnoxious twat once in a while, but you're still totally awesome and I love you to bits.


In honor of the beloved values of liberty and freedom, I've chosen to feature three of my favorite songs by The Gregory Brothers. They adapted, mixed, and autotuned three pivotal speeches from the 20th century--making them more memorable than ever. I hope you love them too!
  • "Martin Luther King Sings" samples the civil rights leader's famous "I Have a Dream" speech given in 1963.
  • "John F. Kennedy backed by band from the future" brings new life to possibly the most stirring inaugural address of our history--given by former President John F. Kennedy.
  • "Winston Churchill backed by band from the future" (yes, a non-American!) is my favorite of the three adapted from the former British Prime Minister's 1941 Great Declaration against the Nazi threat.
The mp3s are available for free download. View a playlist of all three songs is below the cut: (more…)