Poll: Do Motivations Matter?

We need more love in the world. There is so much acidity, bad blood, inequality, bigotry, hatred, poverty, hunger, suffering, and sorrow all around us. Each of us could improve the situation by helping someone in need or promoting peace and love. But what about those who do these things Read more…

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Tweeps Speak: Open Relationships

Adapted from airgap on flickr For one year I was romantically entangled with a polyamorous man. He explained that he and his partner had agreed to have an open relationship where each person could love and enjoy other people sexually as long as they always stayed completely honest, practiced safe sex, took care of all each other's emotional, physical, and practical needs first, and felt secure together--not jealous or afraid of losing one another. There was an underlying commitment that went along with their willingness to "spread the love" and explore other sexual avenues. I soon learned that he and his partner were quite the normal couple with problems, insecurities, and hard work. Our experience ended up showing me that I was not inclined to take part in a polyamorous relationship, especially as "the other woman". I was too selfish, insecure, and I treasured exclusivity too much to be prepared for that type of experience. I did not feel secure, trusting, nor loved. Perhaps this was his fault; perhaps it was the situation. Maybe it was me! And although it did not work out, the relationship caused me to wonder: If we're perfectly healthy emotionally and mentally, are we more inclined to be monogamous or to have multiple love partners? Does it depend on the individual? What is the reason for jealousy and the desire for security? What makes us cheat? Could having an open relationship help a couple? Or does it harm them in the long run? Is it only about sex?

Survey says..!

I recently polled my Twitter pals about the titillating topic of open relationships. Keep in mind that most of my tweeps are non-religious folks from all walks of life. If you'd like to respond, please comment! I'm fascinated by the variety of opinions and research on this topic. Let's see what they had to say using 140 characters! I'm keeping things anonymous to conserve their privacy.

Part A: "What do you think about open relationships?"

They're ok, if you can handle that sort of thing. don't think I could though.
I think whatever people can make work for them relationship-wise is fine by me, I've seen open relationships work out fine. [cont.] I think in a way Open Relat. may be easier, as there r far less boundaries 2 worry about crossing, no fear of being cheated on.
Not for me. [x2]
Whatever works for two (or three, or four...) consenting adults is none of my business whatsoever!
I like them! :) I think they're much more realistic than what you're told to expect, relationship-wise.
Not a big fan, but my ex-wife was a fan.
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Do You Love God?

Visitors to are asked to respond with a reason why or why not. Here are some of my favorite answers: No because...

He is too involved with determining which team wins at certain sporting events to bother with worrying about world hunger, war, genocide, and the natural disasters that he flings around so playfully at innocent civilians.
One does not love Cthulhu. One fears Him.
1 Corinthians 13:11
He never returned that rake I lent him two years ago.
He threatened me with Hell. So I love him, really, I just hope this will save me from Hell. Maybe if I say I love him enough times I will believe it... Really, I love him. I am not just saying it because that asshole will send me to Hell for eternity if I don't. I promise, I really truly love him. Ah fuck it, I can't do it. I guess I am going to Hell. At least the company is better there.
Any entity that created the digestive system for rabbits deserves to flunk out of "Designer" school.
I don't know because...
I have no idea who he is or even if he exists. If he exists I would have a lot of awe and respect, but love is not a human emotion I can conjure up for a concept. Love is a natural emotion sparked by human contact
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