Pull My Strings.

Love is the influence of action, the strings that pull the marionette. Each energetic tug of the puppeteer tosses us into one another, playfully jostled into action until we are so wrapped up in each other’s love, that nothing but blades can separate the knots.


Living in Darkness

440747_ligths_9 I was driving home tired, rubbing a headache with one hand and avoiding rabbits in the road with the other. After breaking so hard I hiccuped, my eyes drifted across the street to a dark lawn and two tiny floating lights above the grass. On second glance I realized it was two people lying on their backs holding open cell phones above their faces. At first I felt nostalgic, even envious that they took the time to reflect and enjoy the cool night air and watch the stars like I used to in college. It's been so long... But now that I'm writing this, I realize my initial observation missed the point; these two would-be stargazers were wasting a special opportunity. Instead of examining the great expanse of nature above and around them, they were looking at their phones, unable to see anything beyond the small lights shining in the dark. No moon for them, no nature, and no awe--just the blue glow of battery-powered technology. (more…)