Do Liberal Christians Trust Jesus?

[caption id="attachment_182" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Photo by babsteve"]Photo by babsteve[/caption] Not all Christians are literalistic fundamentalists or even orthodox in their theologies. There do exist "liberal" Christians who focus on a loving, generous message of Jesus rather than the more traditional views of God's fitful nature. Many liberal Christians consider parts of the Bible mythology, metaphor, and primitive, bronze-age expression of the unknown. With those points, skeptics may agree and also appreciate the holistic approach to the scriptures. This view is much more friendly and acceptable than the hellfire and brimstone extremist views held by a few overly-vocal groups. However, I still have problems understanding how someone can be a liberal Christian without cherry-picking, contradiction, and unsure/unsteady beliefs. My first question is: Do liberal Christians trust Jesus? (more…)