Morality from an Immoral God

[caption id="attachment_2635" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="photo by Luciano Meirelles"]god is love?[/caption] One of the most common disputes non-believers have with Christianity (and I would think Judaism, considering the circumstances) is the depiction of morality in the Bible. As a Christian, I was constantly reminded that God is special and unlike other gods because he valued fallen sinners. I was taught the bible was honestly written because the book shows imperfect people doing horrible things and still God uses them to bring forth his Perfect Plan™. At the time, I believed this was an amazing, praiseworthy reason to trust what the bible said and to love the so-called Author. Did I ever take an honest look at the morality of God himself? No. God received a Get Out of Jail Free card because according to my beliefs, he was the source of everything that was good, perfect, loving, and just. If he was the source of morality, then he had to be 100% moral (i.e. good). Any evidence to the contrary had to be based in misunderstandings or closed-minded hatred. There was no ability in my mind to think of myself as more moral than my God. If I was, then why worship him? Why trust him? Why should I give up my life for him if my standards seem to surpass those of the Almighty? I wasn't able to even consider these questions. I had built a protective wall inside my mind: critical thinking and challenging my assumptions on one side---God and faith on the other. It wasn't until after I deconverted from Christianity that I took the time to critique this deity and the depictions of its so-called "goodness" that I had accepted my whole life.

Is God moral?



God’s Justice is Anti-American

Christians declare God’s perfect justice (Zephaniah 3:5; Psalm 37:28; 2 Thess 1:6-9). But how does God measure up against the imperfect American justice system? YHWH’s Justice You are guilty until proven innocent. The laws you are supposed to follow were collected over time thousands of years ago in another culture, Read more…


Living in Darkness

440747_ligths_9 I was driving home tired, rubbing a headache with one hand and avoiding rabbits in the road with the other. After breaking so hard I hiccuped, my eyes drifted across the street to a dark lawn and two tiny floating lights above the grass. On second glance I realized it was two people lying on their backs holding open cell phones above their faces. At first I felt nostalgic, even envious that they took the time to reflect and enjoy the cool night air and watch the stars like I used to in college. It's been so long... But now that I'm writing this, I realize my initial observation missed the point; these two would-be stargazers were wasting a special opportunity. Instead of examining the great expanse of nature above and around them, they were looking at their phones, unable to see anything beyond the small lights shining in the dark. No moon for them, no nature, and no awe--just the blue glow of battery-powered technology. (more…)


Do Liberal Christians Trust Jesus?

[caption id="attachment_182" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Photo by babsteve"]Photo by babsteve[/caption] Not all Christians are literalistic fundamentalists or even orthodox in their theologies. There do exist "liberal" Christians who focus on a loving, generous message of Jesus rather than the more traditional views of God's fitful nature. Many liberal Christians consider parts of the Bible mythology, metaphor, and primitive, bronze-age expression of the unknown. With those points, skeptics may agree and also appreciate the holistic approach to the scriptures. This view is much more friendly and acceptable than the hellfire and brimstone extremist views held by a few overly-vocal groups. However, I still have problems understanding how someone can be a liberal Christian without cherry-picking, contradiction, and unsure/unsteady beliefs. My first question is: Do liberal Christians trust Jesus? (more…)